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From ADA cases to Social Security benefits, you’ll need a compassionate ear, someone who knows what it’s like, understands the sensitive nature of your condition, but will be a fierce advocate for your cause.



Immigration process can be a confusing maze without confident representation. As an immigrant, I’ve been there myself, let me help.



If you need a custom drafted contract from scratch tailored to fit your needs or form an LLC or a for profit or non for profit corporation, put my experience to work.


lgbt services

A new type of family in the eyes of the law faces a new set of challenges from domestic relations issues to estate planning. Let me assist you on your journey.

Why Us?

international experience

I was born and raised in Europe. I grew up in Poland, I’ve also lived in Hungary. I participated in international contests and conferences, I spoke at international events and published a book in the United Kingdom. All of this, in addition to my traditional, American legal education gave me a broader perspective on life and law.

fast & effective

My goal is find solutions that work for you, that you are happy with and fully understand. I’ve been known to work on short deadlines if requested, on nights and weekends to accommodate a client and even to clear my schedule. To put in the time to explain and strategize. I work fast but never at the price of quality.

treating you as part of the family

I put in as much time as it is needed to develop strategies with my client, to understand their needs and their backgrounds. I get invested in their problems and I care about their success. I never forget that I’m there to help them, and making sure I understand their needs and we identify their goals properly is my main concern.


Hello, I’m Ralph (Rafal) Strzalkowski, Esq, LL.M, JD. I’m a Florida and DC licensed Attorney located in Gainesville, Florida Area. I focus on advising startups, contract drafting and forming for-profit and not for profit entities.

I’ve been practicing law since 2011. I have multiple law degrees and an international perspective. While my JD and LL.M are from University of Florida, I also graduated with a master’s in law from Warsaw University, Poland (summa cum laude).  I take great pride in taking the time to develop the documents my clients need and finding a business model that works for them.

Let me help you with your issue. If needed, I’m available 24/7 . I aim to deliver quick results; I believe in being in constant contact with my client to patiently explain or help them identify a good solution. For me, law practice is about building relationships and interaction.

l1 l2 l3 l4

I started the Florida Disability Access and Awareness Foundation in recognition of a problem with how individuals with disabilities are received in the community. I wanted to improve that perception, dispel stereotypes and prejudice and promote empathy and inclusion. I’ve decided that in today’s society we need to use the tools that speak to the majority of the society to be effective. That’s why FDAAF uses new media projects and technology to change how people think and feel.




“Mr Strzalkowski was retained to draft and negotiate an international distributor agreement with the manufacturer located in Poland. Mr. Strzalkowski’s knowledge of Polish legal system and his expertise in both US and Poland helped us to get effective legal representation. Would definitely recommend Ralph to all on Upcounsel I can be contacted for references at 917-449-7676 Thank you Y. Plotnikov”


I had a legal issue and Rafal was there to help and guide me through the process. He has great attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and a passion for what he does. Highly Recommend.”

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